Tuya Skin Care was founded by Tuyana Baron, an esthetician who has always been inherently passionate about  skin care. Originally from Republic of Buryatia, she graduated college in Saint-Petersburg, Russia,  and began her career working at several prestigious global beauty brands. Read more

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The Science Behind The Best Anti Aging Moisturizer For Women

Beautiful skin adds a natural, youthful look that is impossible to replicate with cosmetics. To achieve this look, women and men alike turn to natural anti aging skin care products that provide nourishment, hydration, and essential compounds to the skin to reduce fine lines and reverse the signs of aging.

Our Focus on Healthy, Youthful Skin

The focus of the wrinkle reducing cream produced by Tuya Skin Care is balancing the skin and supplementing the essential nutrition. Using a scientific and researched-based approach, Tuya Skin Care uses powerful antioxidants, peptides, retinol and natural moisturizers to plump and firm skin cells, creating a highly effective moisturizer for mature skin.

While originally only available in our skin care salon, Tuya Skin Care is now available to customers around the world. Purchases can be made through our website or Amazon; either option will provide you with an amazing product that will leave your skin looking younger, healthier and more vibrant than other products you may have tried in the past.

The Difference

While many companies claim to offer the best anti aging moisturizer for women, Tuya Skin Care offers a New Age advanced anti wrinkle cream that will provide visible results that exceed your expectations.

Using our anti wrinkle treatment is a simple addition to your routine skin care regime. The product is designed as a face cream for wrinkles that works with all skin types from dry to oily as well combination types of skin.

Our wrinkle reducing cream is paraben-free, which is important for our client safety. We also do not test our cream on animals, which is another factor that sets our face wrinkle cream apart from others on the market.

The advanced anti gaining therapy offered by our Tuya Skin Care cream is amazing. Simply apply in the morning and the evening for skin that has noticeably fewer fine lines and wrinkles and offers a luxurious, moisturized and silky feel.